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BlauKe started as a kitchenware store on Amazon, but soon realized the potential benefits of building their own brand outside of the Amazon marketplace and came through with a plan. They needed a beautiful and easy-to-use e-commerce website, a social media presence, and PPC advertising to start selling.

But the problem was that they only sold six products under their brand and even though they were great, it's hard to market an e-commerce store with only six items.

That left us with just two options: one was to wait for BlauKe to expand their catalog, which would have taken months or even years, and another was to bring in other products from different vendors, which were similar or complementary to theirs.

One other challenge was that they wanted Amazon to keep fulfilling their products, so we had to come up with an integration solution for that as well.

Finally, we needed to build their website, integrate Amazon fulfillment, bring in more products on their website, build an online presence, and start the PPC advertising to jumpstart their sales outside of Amazon.

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First of all, we had to decide which e-commerce platform was best in this particular situation, so we considered the three most popular: Magento, Shopify, and Woocommerce.

Magento is a great platform to build an e-commerce store, but it requires more coding skills than the other two and a lot more time and money for development. Furthermore, it's not that great if you're dropshipping, which is what we needed to do to bring more products on BlauKe's website.

Woocommerce is great for small to medium e-commerce stores, but this is also somewhat limited when it comes to dropshipping.

That left us with Shopify, which is in many ways similar to Woocommerce but a lot easier to use for admins, more cost-efficient, and great for dropshipping.

So we built the e-commerce website with Shopify, integrated it with Blauke's Amazon account so that Amazon will fulfill their orders and integrated Oberlo, which is one of the most popular dropshipping apps for Shopify. 

This last solution allowed them to populate their catalog with products complementary to theirs. And it was a great solution because they didn't have to invest in inventory. If one product didn't sell, they could easily replace it with another popular item from the Oberlo app.

After completing this part of the task, we started building their online presence by creating pages on the most popular social media channels, and by approaching influencers to run giveaways and promote their products.

Furthermore, we started doing PPC advertising on Facebook and Google to jumpstart their sales and raise brand awareness.

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The end result was a beautiful, user-friendly e-commerce website with an online presence and a brand. But most importantly, the sales we drove with PPC advertising increased their sales velocity on Amazon, which ranked them higher on search pages and increased their sales in that marketplace.

Furthermore, Blauke's catalog has doubled in just a few months growing to 12 products, and their goal is to add 10 more products under their own brand within a year.

But our services for BlauKe didn't just stop there. Apart from website design and PPC advertising, we also handled their product photography for both their website and Amazon.

And we keep managing BlauKe, handling all of their digital marketing needs from advertising to website re-designs, data entry, and branding.

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